NAIT night vision repair specialists are experienced professionals.  As you well know, use of night vision equipment generates wear and tear that will eventually put your night vision systems in need of repair.  If your night vision image intensifier has blemishes, is spotty or otherwise non-working, NAIT does replace and upgrade night vision systems.

Prior to shipping NAIT any night vision equipment contact us for a work order request form.

NIght Vision Repair

Replaced PSU on Night Vision.  Results!!

If you’re looking for a trusted source for night vision repair NAIT is there for you.

If you are seeing early signs of ghosting or shading, a new PSU ( Power Supply Unit) may solve your photo cathode voltage issues.

NAIT can also purge your night vision weapons scope.  Or flat-out replace the image intensifier inside your night vision equipment.  If you have dropped your binoculars, monocular or weapons scope and thus cracked your image intensifier, this may be your most logical choice.

No problem, if your night vision equipment is out of warranty, by the way.

Not only can we replace cracked image intensifier in your night vision equipment.  NAIT may be able to upgrade an old generation 2 image intensifier to a generation 3 nightvision system.  Or troubleshoot power up issues, gain issues or other basic maintenance.

NAIT has a large inventory of image intensifiers, power supplies, housings and other night vision components.  Please contact us with the make and model of your equipment, so we may spec out your repair.

NAIT’s basic “recondition service” can refurbish your old night vision system, clean it and optimize it to make it work the best it can.  NAIT can repair most unit problems that do not include the image intensifiers.